Your smile devastates the most stable

I’m not even that and so you send me

Over the rooftops and into cyberspace!

Your touch rains heaven down upon me



Why do you treat me like this?


You make me long for you then pull away

Turn it around in the space of a day.

You can’t connect with me anymore,

Leave me feeling alone, dirty whore.

I’m broken, you broke me,

My life in pieces, can you see?

“Love” is a word of threat

Leaves a person with moral debt


But to you my love, is it true?

Are we faithful, “meant to be”?

The answer, “doubtful”, pulls me down.

But I turn away, knowing the truth,

Desperate, grasping, I cling to you

You have changed me, I hate change

Emptiness and dark,

All we know, that last spark.

Clutch it, grab it, hold it close,

The petals fade on a dying rose

And finally when our last will is spent

I know it is time for us to end


We didn’t crash and burn

Ended with barely a whimper

I don’t know what’s worse

Or what’s simpler