“ARRGGGHHHH! Help me!” His screams echoed through her brain, but she no longer had neither conscience nor sympathy for this man. She glared down at him writhing on the floor. Maybe once; a few centuries ago, she would have felt something in her black heart, but now, nothing stirred behind her dark eyes. Her mind drifted on this night; reminisce of that one fateful night, now so long ago.


At this time, she remembered watching what her young mind could only describe as a creature snarling and snapping above a man, much like the one at her own feet. She scowled as she realised her choice was so much like that of the one she hated. The same body shape, eyes, even a similar soul. She no longer cared though. He made her. It is entirely likely she would become more and more like that thing. Almost inevitable even. She remembered how her tender body had shaken that night she saw him devour; how she thrashed and jerked; how her heart had flipped in her chest as she saw the torture that the creature put the man through. She had been so horrified by his cruelty, such that had become routine to her, like he had promised, that night when she shivered in his arms. The night when his blood soaked lips smashed against hers, making her retch. The long dark night when his hands wandered further and further down her back, and she had felt sick to her stomach.


It was strange now; when such things so morbid and cruel, were so normal and everyday to her that she could hardly recognise the person she once was. Now that her skin had tinged the purple-blue of the rotting dead. The man that writhed at her feet, waiting to become her sustenance. She curled her lips at his screams for help. No one would hear him, of this she was sure. She raised her eyes to the pale moon’s light and basked in its glow as he died. She felt his soul rise up from his body and fly. She was an archangel, bringing mercy to the wicked. He wouldn’t be missed, that was for certain. His eyes locked on hers, and for a moment she caught a glimpse of her master. Cruel, and tormenting. She could almost see the blood soaking his cloak, the wild glint in his eye. He had been quite mad. She no longer regretted his decision. It was a blessing from the heavens, and now she could shine the holy light on others. Their screams were as holy as hers. Her light shining bright and true as she delivered them to the brightness.


She sneered at her speculations. Mindless chatter when she could be enjoying him in every way. She supposed it was relevant to the date. Some random ancient memory that plagued her. Emotion. Something unfamiliar and alien, though strangely right. It felt right to be this creature, but feeling like this. She wondered briefly how long it had taken her master to stop feeling these spurts of strange feelings. She shook her head to clear it. Tonight belonged to her. Her and her meal. She smiled at the pure terror frozen on his face. Her enjoyment was complete. “Happy bloody Halloween” she hissed at him, as she showed him all the horrors of the darkest reaches of the underworld.