Hi, everyone! Hajimemashite! I have always been into the creative writing side of English, but I didn't take my writing seriously until my brother told me about his website.

I joined under a nom de plume, because I didn't want him to say he liked my work simply because of who I am. I told him a few months later, after getting genuine, unbiased reviews of my work, and after I was made to feel very welcome by the amazing community we have here. I truly was blown away and humbled by the overwhelming warmth and friendliness here. Thank you to everyone that made me feel so welcome!

I am very interested in other cultures and languages, in particular Spanish and Japanese. As such, you may find cultural references and foreign words in my work. I try my best to define any foreign words somewhere in the story, or at least make the context easy to understand por ti. Most of my work addresses hard issues that might distress some readers, please heed the warning codes attached to each story or poem.

Any reviews and feedback, positive or constructive criticisms are always welcome and bring a smile to my face.

Disclaimer:  Writing published on this site may contain scenes of a sexual nature or other material that may be disturbing to some readers and/or inappropriate for younger visitors.  All stories, poetry, content and graphics are subject to copyright (please see the notices at the bottom of this page).  Infringement of this copyright will result in legal action.  Under no circumstances should any story, poem, content or design element be reproduced without the express permission of the copyright holder.  If you find any errors on this site, or if there is content you feel is inappropriate, please contact The Authors Haunt Site Administrator.